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About Me

I’m a small business marketing consultant where I help elevate small businesses and startups to the next level. I specialize in marketing strategy, social media marketing, content marketing, and SEO optimization.
My understanding of branding is simple- no company can thrive in this competitive world without a brand to reach its target market. My mission is to elevate your small business and take it to the next level.

With 10 years of experience as a small business marketing consultant, I’ve established a proven method for directing marketing departments. I have launched efforts for small business and young startups in finding their unique voice to reach their target audience. Creating unique marketing strategies, and creating content that delivers consistent results in every online communication. Followed by strategically implementing all campaigns to their appropriate social media channels to increase your leads, traffic, and sales.

My Consulting Story 

Growing up with a family of small business owners, I have seen first hand the struggles they had to face. Not to mention the hard work put into running a small business, and having to chase leads and clients. All of this because small businesses lack support in one crucial area, marketing. In today’s ever competing world, small businesses fail because they don’t possess the resources or funds to match their competitor’s larger marketing budgets.

Therefore, I dedicated my career to being a small business marketing consultant. I aim to work closely with you on all things marketing and partner together to elevate your small business.

How I Do It

I first begin by studying your current business state and comparing it to where it needs to go. Then, I create a unique small business marketing strategy that will act as a digital roadmap. Furthermore, creating content by leveraging research, demographics, and behaviors to engage with our audience.
Furthermore, I fully optimize the content by practicing SEO techniques for maximum reach. Lastly, I select appropriate social media channels to implement the campaigns. All the while, building brand loyalty, establishing relationships with your audience, and delivering a strong ROI.
Moreover, I combine elements of research, strategy, and creative thinking to deliver immediate ROI while building a long-term brand.

I follow these simple steps-

In truth- I eat, live, breathe, and sleep marketing.