Facebook organic marketing | How to master it 5 tips

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Facebook organic marketing can still be as effective like paid advertising and the total cost is zero dollars. Even though it is much tougher to perfect Facebook organic marketing, once you nail it down, it is much more beneficial than paid advertising. Paid Facebook ads lead the way for social media marketing. In 2017 alone, Facebook racked in 40 billion dollars, of which 87% was off of ads!

The competition for Facebook advertising is fierce and super competitive. Which is if utilizing Facebook organic marketing can set you apart from your competitors and build you a great community of followers.

If you know the tricks…

Furthermore, Facebook organic marketing is especially beneficial to people just starting out. Yes, earned media can take some time. It does require patience and effort. But it is much more effective, it is built to last longer, and costs literally $0. So yeah, there are some upsides to it.

Let’s get started!

Tip number 1: Facebook Post Targeting

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Many people are unaware that Facebook has the option. Yet, it has been around since 2012 and it rarely gets used.

What Facebook’s post targeting option does is give you the option to only show your post to a certain group of people who you want to engage with. Your post will only show up to the selected audiences timeline, but be visible to everyone on your timeline.

Step 1: Head to your settings tab on your Facebook business page

Step 2: On the left hand side, select the “General” tab

Step 3: On the right hand side, the sixth option down, click on “Audience optimization for posts”

Step 4: Click on the box to enable the feature and save your changes.

Tip number 2: Use more images & links

Links and images for Facebook organic marketing

Facebook data has shown that user engagement is higher on posts with links involved. Posting relevant links related to your business and industry is a very quick way to gain the trust of your audience.

Make sure to always use images or videos along with your links. 80% of all content on the internet now are images and video. Posting links without these decreases your chances of exposure and engagement.

If you are unsure what to post, you can follow what I do;

  • Blogs I created with the relevant image attached
  • E-books with educational content 
  • Articles related to your industry with a link connected to your website
  • Links to my other social media channels

Tip Number 3: Utilize Facebook Insight

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The great thing about social media marketing is we receive real time data from our users. The Facebook insight tab gives you the data you need to optimize and get the most out of your business page.

Our audience and users are informing us what kind of content they need from you, and which ones they can live without. If you are unfamiliar on how to read data, I suggest you take a minute to get familiar with the interface.

Things to make a mental note of while studying your insights;

  • Your fan reach
  • Organic Reach
  • Engagement
  • Clicks
  • Likes/Page likes
  • Negative feedback

Tip Number 4: Insights on your competitors

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Much like analyzing your own Facebook business page insights, it is also super important to see what your competitors are doing.

If you haven’t already established who your competition is, I suggest you do that first.

To access what your competitors are doing, I suggest you use BuzzSumo. It is an awesome service that gives you great insights. I use this all the time and it really has tremendous benefits.

BuzzSumo has helped me in three ways;

1) It helps me find the right content to build, by analyzing what the top content is of the week. It tracks the top mentions of the week, most shared content, and more.

2)I have found and partnered with top influencers using this insight tool

3) I receive the social reports to my choosing. Great for competitor spying!

Tip Number 5: Promote your Facebook on other channels

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Promoting your Facebook on other channels is a great way to increase your organic reach. You can combine your audiences on the different Social Media channels and build your exposure.

I always post my other social media accounts on other channels because it generates traffic, engagement, and reach. Even if they do not like or follow you after clicking, just a click can work magic

What I have learned throughout my time as a marketing consultant, that even a click on a Facebook post can help you reach about 100 new people.

So cross-promoting your channels help with exposure. If you are a blog writer, always leave your social media handles at the bottom of your page. Link your account on other forums, like Reddit, that overtime will be getting clicks and traffic will be heading your way.

Other tips:

Collaborating on a plan
  • Create invite-only groups
  • Produce more videos
  • Run contests or giveaways
  • Using the right hashtags, and  the right amount
  • Optimize your Facebook features to get seen more
  • Ask questions on a post that make people think
  • Showcase your knowledge in your industry by writing 5 key points on a topic.


Facebook organic reach takes time, patience, and strategy. It will not happen overnight. I have used these practices above throughout my career. Yes, I do run ads at times. I mostly run ads for leads or traffic to my site. I do not spend money on promoting a post or getting page likes.


Because I am on a mission to build my Facebook followers who like and need my product. 

Facebook is a super powerful tool if used correctly. But, keep in mind that your followers are all human. There are many tools you can use also outside of what Facebook offers. You can read up on that here

So do not over post content, reach out to them for sales, get into an argument or disagreement. These people like your page and follow you for a reason. Look into your analytics and truly understand their behaviors, the reason they are there, and the times they are engaged.