Facebook Marketing | 6 tips to maximize Facebook

Facebook business page tips

Facebook marketing is the most highly used Social Media program. Creating a Facebook business page for your small business helps you engage with existing customers, reach new customers, and build a reputation. No matter which industry you are in, not having a social media presence hurts you. Take a look at these statistics here to see how crucial having an online presence is. Not only is it important to have an online presence, but it is also now expected. Here are 6 Facebook business page tips to better optimize your profile.

Tip 1: Create a vanity URL

When you first create your Facebook business page, Facebook will automatically create a URL for you. It is made up of numbers, is very long, and extremely ugly. This happens by default and many clients of mine don’t think twice about changing this. It is important to customize it and make it your company name, or Facebook business page name. That way when users search for your small business on Facebook, they can find you using this custom URL. It will increase your search results and your following.

Tip 2: Optimize your Facebook Cover Photo

Yes, you read that correctly. Many marketers aren’t aware of how important the cover photo is. First, your cover photo must be visually appealing. It will be the first thing your audience sees when they land on your page. You can get super creative with your cover photo, too. You can upload a single image, collage, or even a video. If you need inspiration on what type of cover photo you want, check out these inspiring cover photos!

Now the most important part when it comes to your cover photo. You must optimize it using relevant keywords. Your profile picture and your cover photo must have a description containing what your business is about. Using relevant keywords allows your Facebook to be seen on google. Yes, ranking can play a part in Facebook. If someone is using the search button on Facebook for a specific keyword, you can show up and reach a newer customer.

Tip 3: Optimize the About Me section

The about me section should hold relevant keywords, as well. However, it only holds 255 characters, so you must get creative on how you implement the relevant keywords. Do not just stuff keywords in there and think it will help with your ranking. In fact, it does the complete opposite. The About Me will not make any sense and look extremely ugly. It will turn off potential customers because they will have no idea what the Facebook business page is about. Try to use 3 strong keywords to use, and seamlessly implement them through the section.

Tip 4: Optimize your Long Description

Out of all the Facebook marketing tips, this is the one most ignored. This is where you can let your creative juices flow and really explain your company. Although the character limit is limitless, it is good practice to use about 1,500 words. Plugin 2-3 relevant keywords throughout the section. Make sure to use the keywords within the first 250 characters, 2-3 times in the middle, and within the last paragraph, as well. Explain your company’s mission, goals, background, etc; Not only will this help with reach, but it is also a great way to introduce yourself to your potential customers.

Tip 5: CTA button

Your Call-to-action button on your Facebook acts as a doorbell to your company. It can help convince people to take action or not take one at all. If you are a consulting company, it is best to use the Learn More button, Contact Us, Sign Up. If you are promoting an app, use the Use App button. E-commerce companies should use the Shop Now button. Of course, this greatly depends on the exact industry you are in. For example, I am in the small business marketing consultant industry, but I use the learn more button. I use this button because I nurture my audience and subscribers and make them take action on my website. So, the contact now button or Sign Up button would not work for me. This button will prompt people to take action of your Facebook business page, so it is important to use this wisely!

Tip 6: Format your images

Not only should you optimize your profile picture and your cover photo, but also the images you use in posts. There are so many devices that we use today, that it is important your content is optimized for all devices. There are a plethora of articles out there that tell you the best image size for each social media channel. Following the best practices will make your social media channel stand out and look professional. Following the correct protocol and taking the time to make your images as clean and crisp as possible, will help capture the customer’s attention.

These are the 6 best Facebook marketing tips you can implement immediately. Using Social Media as a source of advertising will help generate traffic, leads, and sales. It is best practice to utilize Facebook marketing in some type of funnel in order to streamline to the conversion process. Take full advantage of paid ads, organic ads, and optimizing your Facebook business page. It will help your company see an increase of leads and sales.