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Who I Am

I am a marketing consultant that has extensive experience within the software industry.

Understanding today’s ever changing digital landscape is how I built my reputation.  I have a strong grip on the understanding of what consumers are looking for. Funneling them down the marketing pipeline into becoming qualified sales leads. 

 I specialize in Marketing Strategy, Lead Generation, Account-Based Marketing, and Content Creation.  I have been working closely with many fortune 500 company’s and startups in the SaaS and software industry for over 10 years.  I implement the tools and strategies needed to help them succeed in the long run.


Marketing Consultant Expertise

My Specialties

Digital Marketing

Lead Generation

I bring the latest Lead Generation trends, strategies, and winning advice to you. Implementing content that drives customers down the funnel and turning them into qualified leads.


Top Marketing Strategies

I will build your roadmap to success that is designed to deliver maximum value. In depth research on demographics, psychographics, and industry data to set you up for the future.


Content Marketing

My content will convert sales, engage consumers, build brand loyalty, and increase revenue. Fully SEO optimized and analytically inspired.


Account-Based Marketing

Segmenting your audience into groups where I then develop content catered just to them. Engaging with our accounts on a more personal level

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What My Clients Say

John immersed himself in making my business succeed. Not only did he launch VERY successful campaigns, but was able to teach me how to do basic marketing for myself. I can not recommend this place enough, they have really helped me achieve my goals and more!
Oxford Realty Group
Property Management
John was able to help me with social media marketing for my real estate company. He showed me how to generate quality leads, and where I lacked in my marketing. He fully customized all of my content and website to be SEO friendly! . Great investment, can’t go wrong!
Pennrose Apartments
Real Estate
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